Commands — MéliodasBot


* : For these categories, you must type /{categoryName} {commandName} to use a command
2 : The number indicates the number of subcommands, which are usually detailed when you click on the command

config   7

⚙️ Config commands

logs   <list/enable/disable> [event] 4

Allows you to configure the logs system, including disabling certain logs

Examples : 

logs list

logs enable event:guildMemberAdd

logs disable event:guildMemberAdd


reaction-role   <create|custom|delete|list> 4

Allows to configure the reaction role system

Examples : 

reaction-role create

reaction-role custom

reaction-role delete <messageID|"all">

reaction-role list

Permissions : MANAGE_ROLES

setautorole   <role> 2

Define the role given when a member (human or bot) joins the server

Examples : 

setautorole user role:roleName

setautorole bot role:roleName

Permissions : MANAGE_GUILD

setblacklist   <autoban/dm> <on/off> 2

Set up the blacklist system

Examples : 

setblacklist autoban state:on

setblacklist dm state:off


setlang   <fr/en>

Define the new server language

Permissions : MANAGE_GUILD

setleave   channel|image|message <...> 3

⚙️ Allows you to configure the leave system (channel, image and leave message)

Examples : 

setleave image image_link:https://yourimagelink.jpg

setleave channel channel:#channelName

setleave message new_message:Your message

setwelcome   channel|image|message <...> 3

⚙️ Allows you to configure the welcome system (channel, image and welcome message)

Examples : 

setwelcome image image_link:https://yourimagelink.jpg

setwelcome channel channel:#channelName

setwelcome message new_message:Your message

ticket   <setup|set> 4

Allows you to configure the ticket system and send the ticket panel

Examples : 

ticket setup

ticket setup description:MyDescription

ticket setup title:MyTitle

ticket config

ticket set staff_role:roleID

ticket set category:roleID

ticket set description:MyDescription

ban   <@user> [reason]

Ban a user for life

Examples : 

ban user:@examples#1234

ban user:@examples#1234 reason:Your reason

Permissions : BAN_MEMBERS

checkid   <userId/me> [username|team|premium|blacklist]

Checks a user by idantifier (like a userinfo)

Examples : 

checkid user:290467364372480000

checkid user:me

checkid user:290467364372480000 only:username

clear   <numberOfMessages> [target]

Deletes a defined number of messages

Examples : 

clear messages:5

clear messages:5 target:@example#1234

giveaway   <commandName> [giveawayID/time] [winners count] [prize] 4

📂 Start, restart, delete or end a giveaway

Examples : 

giveaway create time:10m winners_count:2 prize:nitro

giveaway delete id:123456789123

giveaway end id:123456789123

giveaway edit id:123456789123 ...


kick   <@user> [reason]

Kick a user from the server.

Examples : 

kick user:@examples#1234

kick user:@examples#1234 reason:Your reason

Permissions : KICK_MEMBERS

lock   <time>

Allows you to temporarily close a channel to members

Examples : 

lock time:5m


mute   <@user> [reason]

Mute a non-moderator member


nickname   <user> <newNickname|"--default">

Allows moderators to change the nickname of a user

Examples : 

nickname user:@example#1234 new_nickname:Nickname here


poll   <title> <firstOption>[//<secondOption>][//<thirdOption>...]

Allows moderators to run an automated poll

Examples : 

poll title:What do you prefer? first_option:Red second_option:Blue third_option:white


slowmode   <seconds> [channel]

Define the channel's slowmode (max 6h)

Examples : 

slowmod time:5

slowmod time:5 channel:#channelName



Allows you to see the content of the last deleted interaction (in the channel)


unban   <userID>

Allows you to remove someone from the server's ban list

Examples : 

unban user_id:123456789123

Permissions : BAN_MEMBERS

unmute   <@user>

Unmute a non-moderator member

Examples : 

unmute target:example#1234

Permissions : MANAGE_ROLES

warn   <@user> [reason] 4

📂 Allows you to warn a specific user

Examples : 

warn add user:@userName#1234

warn add user:@userName#1234 reason:Your reason

warn remove warn_id:abcdef123-1234

warn clear user:@example#1234


8ball   <question>

Ask a question and I will answer randomly

Examples : 

8ball question:Is Meliodas the best bot ever ?

activity   <channel> <activity>

Start a new voice channel activity, discord together (, etc)

Examples : 

activity channel:Voie activity:youtubetogether

animals   <cat|dog> 5

Displays random funny pictures of a specific animal

Examples : 

animals cat

animals dog


Allows you to generate a gif in which you cry

cuddle   [@user]

Allows to comfort the bot or a person

hug   [@user]

Allows you to hug the bot or a person

kiss   [@user]

Allows you to kiss the bot or a person

pat   [@user]

Allows you to pat the bot or a user

punch   [@user]

Allows you to punch the bot or a person

Examples : 


punch user:Mélioᴼᶠᶠ💫#9214


Russian roulette, you have 1 chance in 6 to die

games   <sub_command_name> <sub_command_options> 7

This command contains 7 sub commands

Examples : 

game steam user:Jordan

game brawlstars brawlstars_player_tag:#1234

game overwatch user:user#tag

game fortnite user:LiSayy


images  image <imageType> [@user] 15

📂 Generates an image from a person's avatar (contains 14 commands)

Examples : 

image blur

image greyscale

image invert

image passed

image rainbow

image captcha

image triggered

image changemymind text:Hello world

image tweet text:Hi username:Trump

nsfw   <command> 9

🔞 Random nsfw picture generated with the nekobot api

Examples : 

nsfw 4k

nsfw anal

nsfw ass

nsfw boobs

nsfw gonewild

nsfw hanal

nsfw hentai

nsfw hneko

nsfw pgif

animeinfo   <animeName|mangaName>

Allows you to get informations about an anime.

Examples : 

animeinfo name:Naruto

avatar   [@user]

Displays a user's avatar

Examples : 


avatar user:@Mélioᴼᶠᶠ💫#9214

calc   <operation>

Allows you to calculate most of the operations you request

Examples : 

calc operation:1+1

calc operation:pi

channelinfo   [channel]

Displays information about a channel

Examples : 


channelinfo channel:#channelName

choose   choices:<firstArg>, <secondArg> [, thirdArg, ...]

The bot will choose between your arguments. E.g : /choose choices:Yes, No, Maybe

Examples : 

/choose choices:Yes, No, Maybe


Allows to create an invitation by the client in the channel


emoji   <"info"|"list"> <emojiName|emoji|emojiID> 2

📂 Displays the information of a specific emoji or get the emoji list

Examples : 

emoji list

emoji info emojiName

emoji info :emojiName:

emoji info 123456789123

github   <userName>

Allows you to do searches related to from a user(name)

Examples : 

github: user:meliooff

meteo   <city>

Displays the current and next day's weather for a location

Examples : 

meteo city:New York

remindme   <time+s|m|h> <reason>

Set a reminder

Examples : 

remindme time:10m reason:Take a shower

report   <@user> <reason>

Allows you to report a user

Examples : 

report user:@example#1234 reason:Your reason

roleinfo   <role>

Displays information about the requested role

Examples : 

roleinfo role:@roleName

roll   <number>

Roll a die and choose how many faces it has

Examples : 

roll number:5

say   <messageType> <message> 5

Make the bot speak for you in morse, ascii, emojis or classic message

Examples : 

say classic message:Your message here!

say ascii message:Your message here!

say emoji message:Your message here!



Displays information about the server

setafk   [reason]

Allows you to set your AFK mode to active

Examples : 


setafk reason:I'm eating!

shorturl   <url>

Shortcut a link

Examples : 

shorturl url:

translate   <lang> <textToTranslate> 2

📂 Allows you to translate text into any language | view the list of languages (translate langs)

Examples : 

translate lang:french text:Hello

userinfo   [@user]

Displays information about a user, if you don't mention any, it'll be you

Examples : 


userinfo user:@Mélioᴼᶠᶠ💫#9214

warnings   <@user>

Allows you to see all warnings of a user

Examples : 

warnings user:@userName#1234


Allows you to play the previous song


Allows you to clear the current Hmusic queue

loop   [queue]

Allows you to loop the current music or the queue

Examples : 

<prefix> loop

<prefix>loop queue:yes


Allows you to see what music is currently listening


Allows you to pause the music, next you can resume it with another command

play   <name/URL>

Allows you to play music with YTB links, YTB playlists, Spotify links or SoundCloud links

Examples : 

<prefix>play ncs


Allows you to see the current queue and all informations about it

remove   <musicPosition>

Allows you to remove a song from the queue

Examples : 

<prefix>remove 2


Allows you to resume the current music if it's paused

search   <songTitle>

Allows you to search a song by it title (so to be able to choose your song)

Examples : 

<prefix>search ncs


Allows you to skip the music and therefore to play the next one


Allows you to stop all musics and also leave your voice channel

volume   <volumeValue>

Allows you to increase or decrease the volume of the music (1-100)

Examples : 

<prefix>volume 50

addblacklist   <user> <on|off> <reason> <proofLink>

Allows the blacklist moderators (only) to blacklist a user

addpremium   <user> <on|off>

Allows the bot owner to enable the premium features for a user


🤖 Display the bot informations (stats and informations)


Allows you to check the permissions that the bot has on the server

eval   <code>

Private command that allows the bot owner to evaluate some code

Examples : 

<prefix>eval 1+1

help   [commandName]

❓ Get the page containing the list of commands | Detailed command help

Examples : 

<prefix>help <prefix>help botinfo

invite   [admin|user]

Send the invite link, you can choose to invite the bot with all permissions or without permissions

Examples : 


<prefix>invite admin

<prefix>invite user


Display the ping of the bot on the server

privacy   <code>

Méliodas's privacy policy

reload   <commandName|"status"|"lang">

Private command that allows the bot owner to reload a command

Examples : 

<prefix>reload help


Displays the time since the bot is connected